Stop building coal-fired thermal power plants to protect Vietnamese health

  • Tuesday, 08:47 Day 08/09/2020
  • It is one of the proposals of the coalition of social organizations - professional activities in the field of protection of rights - health - environment - energy - legal just sent to the Government.

    Recently in Hanoi, alliances of social organizations - professional activities in the field of protection of rights - health - environment - energy - legal (alliances) issued "Hanoi Declaration on construction of new coal-fired power plants on Vietnamese territory ”.

    The statement expressed the full support of all alliances with the conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc that it is necessary to continue promoting the existing projects, but if continuing to develop new coal power projects, the surplus will continue. Comment does not agree. New development must be in the direction of green energy. "This conclusion of the Prime Minister is also the answer to the speech of the President of Vietnam Energy Association Tran Viet Ngai earlier, asking the Prime Minister to direct a number of southern provinces not to object to a number of projects," said the Prime Minister. coal-fired power projects in their locality "- the coalition said.

    In this statement, the coalition has emphasized the risk of destroying the environment, climate, human health, threatening the stability of political, economic and social security if continuing to build houses. New coal thermoelectric plant according to the Electricity Planning VII adjusted in Vietnam.

    The statement provides a consensus view of alternative energy sources that ensure economic development and social stability. In the world, there is a trend of withdrawing capital from fossil raw materials with an increasing number of banks divesting from coal-fired power projects to switch to financing clean and sustainable energy projects. .

    Ms. Bui Thi An - former Member of the National Assembly, representative of the Justice, Environment and Health Group emphasized at the seminar announcing the Declaration: “The Government should calculate the transparent and full price of coal-fired thermal power. That can be compared with other forms of energy so that we can choose correctly with the goal of sustainable development of three pillars: economy, environment and society. Definitely not trade economy with the environment, ensure a clean environment for all of our people, live without disease and live healthy to build the country of Vietnam ”.

    Concluding the statement, the coalition made three proposals: First, to propose the Government and the Prime Minister to suspend the deployment of new coal-fired power plants to review and evaluate the feasibility. finance, impacts on health, environment, security, social order of the projects; At the same time, it is necessary to direct the implementation of technical and economic solutions to remove difficulties for renewable energy projects. Finally, the provisions of the 2013 Constitution and related documents on grassroots democracy must be enforced in consultation with the people in the implementation of energy projects, right from the stage of planning. plan.

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