Plastic industry


    1.Ceiling/ Frame/ Plastic doors:

    Calcium carbonate is widely used in hard PVC and its most applications in manufacturing plastic pipes and ceiling.
    Using the calcium carbonate products of Chemical Joint Stock Company helps increase the products’durability, better chemical dispersion in plastics, achieve optimal products’lustre, improve production process. Calcium carbonate is therefore an indispensable material in producing these products.
    Calcium carbonate has influenced on the features of products such as the durability in natural environment, duration so ing the appropriate calcium carbonate for the material purpose is very important

      2.PVC pipes and assorted plastic:

    + Polyolefin pipes are not worker under pressure and its assortment

    Calcium carbonate used in polyolefin plastic products will generate higher hardness, improve production processes, shorten time and reduce costs. The major enhancements are to increase profits.
    + PVC pressure pipe
    This type often uses calcium carbonate fillers with low levels to produce the highest pressure pipes, surfaces are the smoothest and products are subject to the impact surface. Chemical JSC has the right products to meet the above criteria.
    + PVC drainage pipes and plastic fittings.
    As the above mentioned products, the quality of cabonat calcium is the key to achieve successful products in the market. To gain this use of calcium cabonat Chemical JSC is your best choice.

    3.Electric cables: In producing electric cables, calcium carbonate is used more and more with the aim to reduce costs, besides calcium carbonate can be viewed as anti-burning (if properly combined with other resins and additives).

    To achieve the most effective cost, the manufactures of electric cables can choose many kinds of calcium carbonate for multiple cables from cables with thin layers of insulation to thick ones.


    Calcium cabonat has been widely used in producing thin to thick plates, increasing the chemical properties and improving productivity. Calcium carbonate help reduce production costs, increase hardness, strength as a filler in the product.

    The production technology of plates is used in manufacturing plastic products widely, produce from the plastic sheath to casting press films as well as heat-resistant plates.

    + Vapor generated steam plastic sheath

    Calcium carbonate is used in the manufacture of plastic drainage products with slightly porousness and has the special advantages related to hygiene, calcium carbonate is the active substance in this case, provide layers membrane with special properties allowing steam to escape through the porous system.

    + Sheath press casting

    Calcium carbonate helps reduce costs in production costs and improve quality of coating, calcium carbonate is used in plastics of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE and PP, using calcium carbonate products of Vietnam Chemical JSC helps manufacture these products.


    Calcium carbonate is often used in PE or PP bags, fibers are used in weaving PP bags against the effects of fraction or the fiber link.

    Calcium carbonate particles are suitable in the production of polyolefins such as:
    + Reduce the polypropylene segment fixation,
    + Increased hardness,
    + Reduce the amount of titanium oxide and materials.


    For plastisol products, many types of calcium carbonate are suitable for manufacturing products: leatherette clothes, wallpaper panels, tarpaulin, raincoat ..

    7.Molding Products:

    When using calcium cacbonate products in molded products, the hardness and durability will be improved to save costs.

    + Blow molding:
    Calcium carbonate is used in blow molding to produce bottles or other contained products which will have advantages, by ing the appropriate type of plastic material with calcium carbonate, the manufacturer will produce products or containers with weight balance and reduce costs.
    + Injection molding:
    Using calcium carbonate in injection molding is a solution that has been proven to improve the nature of products and production processes. It is often widely used in the manufacture of spare parts, equipment, and household products in the auto industry.

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